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  1. Our culture is meant to correct of our ways, and not to make strangers of one another.

  3. True teacher is one who dispels the darkness of ignorance, cleanses the mind of its dirty patina and transforms a brute into a cultured person by showing him the right path in life.

  5. A physician cures bodily ailments; a spiritual teacher cures the tribulations of our earthly life. While medicine has therapeutic value for the body, spiritual counsel releases us from earthly bondage. Once we secure that release, there is neither body nor disease to cure.

  7. Happiness can be found only within the maze of unhappiness. If we want happiness we should overcome unhappiness. Only when we refuse to succumb to unhappiness can we experience happiness.

  9. By worshipping God with pure devotion we develop our inner strength. It cleanses our heart, and it enables us to realize the union of the Self with the Real.

  11. By turning our back on evil thoughts and deeds we realize the true knowledge. That knowledge will ensure that we realize God within us.

  13. When all castes and creeds live together with a sense of equality and brotherhood, they will be truly happy and country strong.  Collective organization of society has its rewards.

  15. Dharma is not like stagnant water; it is conditioned by time and space. Like a free, flowing river, it takes its natural, appropriate forms.

  17. Shrines, temples and monasteries are meant to cleanse our minds, and not to consecrate spiritual leaders or feed them.

  19. The one who follows the rules can ride on them with dignity; the one who does not is bound to be its slave.

  21. Rational, meaningful beliefs should be promoted; irrational superstitions should be chased away.

  23. Casteism is a danger to any project of bringing together the countrymen, their overall progress and to the country’s security.

  25. We have around us many faiths and religions. They all aim at taking man from the mundane to the divine.

  27. Belief in God is not ignorance or illusion. It is a belief that there is an unseen, ineffable Power that transcends all our powers of muscles, mind and lives.

  29. What you plan to do tomorrow, do it today; what you want to do today, do it now. The God of Death will not wait for you to complete what you have left incomplete. He is certain to come to you at the appointed time. Do your work with this thought in mind.

  31.  No mendicants’ gang should be formed in the name of God and religion. No sartorial change will make an ascetic.

  33. True richness is the generosity of heart. Cultivate it and work to help the less fortunate ones in life.

  35. Commiserating with those who suffer and hastening to help them as far as possible is the true mark of humanity.

  37. Loving one’ mother-tongue is natural, necessary and healthy, even as we love our Motherland. But hating other languages is wrong and unhealthy. Saraswathi is the patron-goddess of all languages.

  39. Work is worship. Work is the basis of life, and indeed life itself. His life is blight who shuns work.

  41. A truly noble culture is the one which strives to synchronies the welfare of the soul and the welfare of the world.

  43. Man should not merely grow as a lump of flesh; he should grow in response to divine commandment. Then only will he cease to be a demon and gain a slice of the divine.

  45. Sanskrit is not just the language of the priesthood. Nor is it the language of the gods whose world we know not. It is the language which people have used and loved. It is more complete than Greek and richer than Latin.

  47. Let your sentiments be united
    United let your hearts be
    Let your mind be united, and
    May you together enjoy peace and prosperity.

  49. True sacrifice is not done for name, fame, or ostentation. God endorses only that sacrifice which is done with love, generosity and compassion.

  51. The one who eats without having to work for it is indeed eating the food stolen from others.

  53. Life needs mundane knowledge
    Salvation needs spiritual knowledge
    They together banish our pervading ignorance.

  55. We have been talking endlessly about Green Revolution, Literacy Revolution, revolution in housing and the like. We should achieve them without needless and wasteful publicity.

  57. People and prosperity follow the path which the leaders take. So the elders and leaders should make sure that they give the right lead and take the right path.

  59. Samskara transforms a piece of stone into a sculpture.
    Samskara transforms water into a theertha.
    Samskara makes rice into a prasada.
    Samskara makes a mortal divine.

  61. A teacher can change a boy into Sri Rama.
    A teacher can make the boy into a Ravana.
    A teacher can make the boy into a Keechaka too.
    It is the sculptor who decides the form, good or bad

                                                                                                                -Sri Sri Sri Dr. Balagangadharanatha Mahaswamiji