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A functional building with sufficient number of classrooms facilitates the students in all their curricular and co - curricular activities in the school.


To foster an interest in its students for the acquisition of a wide sphere of knowledge the school has extensive facilities. It is interested in the multidimensional growth of a child.

Books are a world in themselves ....... 
Reading habits make a part of this growth.

The well-equipped school library is one such treasure chest, which provides comprehensive knowledge on everything from encyclopedias, magazines, reference books on subjects ranging from Science, Literature, Fine arts, Sanskrit and many more....

All these cater to the academic needs as well as quench the quest for knowledge of students. To develop reading habits and love for books at a tender age special care is taken and students from class I have access to the library.

Science Laboratory

The institution provides technically equipped Science laboratories for Physics, Chemistry and Biology. These laboratories provide opportunities for hands on experience which enables the student to experiment and learn. The laboratories are well ventilated and equipped with first aid and fire safety measures.

Math Laboratory:

The concept of math lab in the CBSE curriculum makes learning mathematics more interesting and enjoyable.

Computer Lab

Today Computer and Information Technology has become an integral part of life, hence it is the important part of school curriculum. We have well equipped Computer Lab with internet connection. Our aim is not just teaching definitions and commands to students through 'Computer Education'. It is about making a child understand how technology helps to perform various activities in day today life to enrich students learning and knowledge. We try to make learning an enjoyable experience for each child.




Adequate importance is given to sports and games. Students are trained to participate in various competitions. We try to develop discipline, patience, team spirit, courage and confidence in our students though sports, games, yoga, karate etc. Well equipped sports room provides space for students to play indoor games such as Carrom, Chess and Table Tennis.


Apart from teaching and learning the school's objective aim at overall development of the pupil through co- curricular activities. Literary and cultural competitions like quiz, debate, drawing, elocution, essay writing, fancy dress, rangoli, singing, declamation and flower arrangement are conducted during the weekends.

Transport facility:

Pick up arrangements are provided by the school for the students from various scheduled points in the city.
The school charges ten months transport fee each year. Details of routes and charges can be obtained from the school office.